Take Care while Renting a Car at Abroad

Car Rental France
Car Rental:
In a country of your dreams you can rent a car. It is cheaper to execute the contract direct to the host country. Agents firms are in every airport and hotel. However, the machines are free for your arrival may not be available. Consequently, it is wiser to worry in advance.

The car can be booked via the Internet. Now there are pan-European sites. Just send your request. All options must be specified at once.

Direct rental car will cost an average $ 35 per day. The cost of insurance may deductible from damage and from theft - even at $ 5. As the cost of rent, they pay for each day of rental. The total rate includes taxes applicable in the host country. Each state has its own levies for example, in Austria mandatory road tax (Contract Tax) at a rate of 1% of the rental cost.

If you take a rental car at the airport, you have to unfasten the airport taxes (from 10 to 20% of the contract). And if you're going to turn the steering wheel shifts then for the second driver to take you a few dollars as a VAS.

By the way, be careful when booking a car online. Not all charges included in the amount that is displayed on the monitor. In Germany and Spain can pay the rent in cash. And in Italy, France, Holland and Sweden to pay for the required need a credit card.

Of the contract in your account will be blocked deposit at the rate of 100% of the cost plus 30% (for petrol and VAS). If you return the car intact, then the deposit will write off only the actual cost of the lease.

Before you sit behind the wheel of a rented car, representatives of the company other than a lease agreement must sign the inspection sheet (Check-List). Make sure all the shortcomings down to the smallest scratches and incomplete fuel tank have been made to this document. Otherwise, at the end of all the damage forced to pay out of your wallet. However, your liability is limited franchise Collision Damage Waiver, i.e., whatever damage you may have caused the vehicle, the penalty cannot exceed the deductible - 300-500 USD it’s depending on country of residence.

Documents required for car travel abroad: incorporation documents for a car, international driver's license and insurance - a Green Card. When crossing the border each needs to show proof of ownership of the machine, residence registration and insurance. If you operate the machine under power of attorney shall make a notarized authorization from the owner to export cars abroad.

The car should not be external mechanical damage to the hull or cracks in the glass. Often asked include emergency gang, near and far light. A car with blacked-out frontal and front side windows in the EU will not be allowed (except when the tinting is done by the manufacturer as specified in data sheet). Trap warning is better to leave the house, as in most countries, the use of such devices is prohibited.

For the mandatory equipment, which must be completed by car, moving across Europe, are parking disc, emergency supplies, warning triangle, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Each car is traveling abroad must have a label with the sign of the country of registration. Even if the car at the border without missing any traffic officer may require the label to stick.

Also, stores in the wallet for some money penalties. Keep in mind that in Europe for unfastened seat belt, even in the back seat will have to pay 100 euro. Penalties for violation of traffic rules there are much higher. Sizes range from tens to hundreds of Euros. The EU has created unified base offenses, including the SDA. Accordingly, failure to pay fines for minor traffic violations or serious misconducts in the future are fraught with the denial of visa to the EU agreement.

Foreign traffic police may prohibit operation of the vehicle or confiscate a driver's license for an accident with serious consequences for the temporary ban on the management of vehicles. But the deprivation of rights within the competence of the court and of traffic police in the community.