Rent a Car - Over The Summer

Car Rental France
Summer - the main peak in demand for rental cars. Despite the apparent attractiveness of the sensitivity of the market - small payback periods and low competition - car rentals in the city is still small.

Conditions and prospects:

According to market participants, the current car rental services in France offer about a dozen companies with own fleet of vehicles. In addition these segment of the labor of many individuals and simply intermediaries. Leaders found it difficult to distinguish entrepreneurs - the market is still too young and clear favorites to it yet. France car rental market is in complete harmony between supply and demand. A gradual increase in demand corresponds precisely to increase the number of car rental shops.

Business car rental can be divided into two main areas: the part of companies offering cars with drivers, while others in direct control. For travel in the back seat customers prefer to transport the executive class, and personally sit behind the wheel of the cheaper machines. More than 80% of cars in the park belong to the company's cost-effective and standard segments and only 20% - to the business class and premium. Especially popular are the cars Toyota Corolla, Nissan Almera and Mitsubishi Lancer. Include with the driver of the same book or limousines or Mercedes S-Class.

Many businessmen believe that the France market rental cars filled only halfway - many people either do not know about this service or not willing to take a car to rent. Proof of this can serve as an annual 20% rise in demand for limousine service.

The level of competition in different directions of car rental is very different. On the rental market high-class cars with driver competition is fierce, but only in the off-season. During the wedding, we have it - summer, lack of everything. In the case of a rental car for personal use is almost no competition - each company operates in its segment and with its customers.

The further development of the market many businesses baffled in the next couple of years, nothing much will happen. Others believe that it is in this direction and will go to market development. As for wedding cars, entrepreneurs are hoping that the growth of the culture of consumption of these services will drive the market intermediaries, and the players make to fill the park with new machines. 140-e Mercedes and Lincoln, Town Car has become boring, customers want something new and exotic.

Car with driver take on lease, not only for the wedding, although this is for the main source of income. Often such vehicles bought by foreign delegations or pop stars, though, amid the newlyweds their numbers are too little.

Rent a car without a driver can be promoted through the city help. And most importantly - the company should be a good site. Beautiful, informative, frequently updated electronic page attracts not only local but also non-resident customers.