Rental cars in Nice and Paris

Car Rental Nice | Car Rental Paris

Rental cars in Nice:

An alien who is in Nice to do without a car is very difficult. In Nice, there are several companies offering car rental. In general view, car rental rather expensive. With gasoline there is no problem, although the filling is much rarer than we are accustomed to. Outside of the city, you can easily find gasoline at very affordable price. Before you take the car it is necessary to inspect it carefully for any defects that need to be marked in the contract. If the itinerary includes visits to the roads with poor coverage, then you need to take only a jeep. Rooms at automobiles in city have different colors, talking about supplies and / w: yellow - a private, black - diplomatic, brown - rent-a-car. There are still red, blue ... Police in Nice, a lot, but a car with black and brown (tourist) numbers, it does not touch. In addition, cars with such numbers enjoy certain benefits, such as passage through closed for repairs tunnels that connect parts of Nice, parking in unauthorized locations, etc.

Rent a car in the Paris:
If you arrive for a period longer than a week, you have rights and you are not afraid to drive, it is better to rent a car. You will be able to do it right at the airport upon arrival, or in the city the second option more preferable - even at the price. The cost of gasoline is approximately equal to the cost of drinking water in the supermarket. It is true the price of fuel is specified per gallon. Movement in the country right-sided, road conditions elegant, the rules do not differ from our own, except for 2 major provisions - the rule interference on the left and when driving through roundabouts. You must give way to those who are on the disk. Fines rather stringent, examination of controversial situations there is little - all at the discretion of police.

In the rental car you can take if you are over 21 years and if you have an international driver's license issued at least 1 year ago. In the car rental company will issue you a temporary permit to drive in the France.

The choice of cars is also very large - from the little Toyota Tercel to huge multi-bus with driver. Get in the car rental is easy, but the mortgage will require either a passport or entry visa, or the deposit insurance amount from your credit card. You can order a car directly at the airport by phone, online or directly at the hotel. Naturally, the car must be insured, and in your best interest to verify the validity of the lease. On entering and leaving they warn road signs. Delivery of car can be made free of charge during office hours in the city on Fridays, holidays and after hours delivery cost at fixed rates. Terms of the lease are also the fact that the car did not leave the limits of the France.

You can also rent a car with a driver. Chauffeur services are very affordable prices, and this value is added to the normal rates of rent. Naturally, all prices are approximate and may vary in different firms.

Maps of the city are free to take reception hotel, otherwise have to buy.