Rent a Car Abroad

Car Rental France

The Company's Lease and rental cars exist in all cities in France. The most famous are located in cities such as Nice, Paris, Aix En Provence, Avignon, Bordeaux, etc. Cars are given a rent to drivers, with experience of driving at least one year, having a driver's license of international standard. To rent a less prestigious vehicles require a credit card, for rental cars of a higher class (Mercedes, BMW, etc.). If the client wishes to rent a car for 6-8 people, you must have credit cards.

Fuel: The price of gasoline at about the median. Along with diesel fuel in France is a growing lead-free Super petrol. For automate on gasoline service stations you have to stock up on the 10th and 20-franc coins.

To travel on motorways France Large companies, who give car rental, requires special vignette, which is glued to the windshield of the car and costs very cheap. It operates throughout the year.

Rules of the Road: Maximum speed in built-up areas - 50 km/h out of town - 80 km/h. From November to March on the highway traveling in cars with studded tires is prohibited. Seat belts are mandatory.

In theory, the system of rent a car looks easier to nowhere: you pay money, turn the ignition key, and you, the king of the road. However, in this case, as in any other, there are lots of subtleties.

To begin with, what to take for a car can travel at least three types of rolling agencies: transnational networks, medium as well as small and micro firms and, finally, the bureau owned international airlines or working with them closely.

Multinational car rental companies: Hertz, Avis, Budget Car, Eurodollar and France's largest agency Car Rental 8 France, provide all sorts of amenities that are included in the concept of "service the international level." For instance, often allow to rent a car in one city, and rent it in another, or even in another country.

Unfortunately, just come to the department one of these networks, "the street" - this is a very expensive way to get a "wheel". International firms prefer to customers who have made reservation in advance. For them, impose lower tariffs.
From Paris, like anywhere, you can book your car through a solid travel agency, airline or the Internet, if you have access to it and a credit card. If you prefer to operate without prior booking, you will be sent to the local and national agencies that usually keep prices about 40 percent lower than the multinational companies for cars of equivalent grade.

Of course, this low cost is a downside. The smaller the agency, the more likely to run into unpleasant surprises. For example, you can shove a car, with a hidden defect or simply old age. A lease agreement can be drafted so that in case of an accident you just fail.

Please note that if you rent a car at the airport without reservations, it will cost even more expensive than in the offices of the big car rental service in town.
Regardless of where taking a car, make sure you clearly understand the terms of the contract. The services can include unlimited mileage. Or maybe - and limited. In this case, from a certain point, you begin to pay for each kilometer, which can quickly "eat up" the benefits of lower fees for daily rental.

It would be nice to have been in the rental price includes all local taxes, liability insurance to third parties, as well as possible damage insurance for your new four-wheeled friend. Always ask for a document, which in English is called a collision damage waiver. It was he who frees you from responsibility for the breakdown of machines not free, of course, but for a certain amount, far less than what you pay for the elimination of the consequences of a serious accident.

The minimum age at which it is permissible to rent a car in different European countries - from 21 to 23 years. In the presence of international driver's license, of course.

Another document, without which "take" a car in France, though not impossible, but hard to - it is a credit card. Car rental agencies traditionally do not like to pay in cash. Even in the former socialist countries, if you do not have a plastic card in intelligentsia with you, it is very possible, just do not want to talk.

Exceptions are different islands, where the car is physically difficult to steal. There is that behind the wheel of a rented car and allowed no credit cards, and sometimes - and without any rights. In some countries are fairly widespread rent motorcycles and mopeds. Cost is cheaper than taking the car. But riding on a motorcycle in an unfamiliar place is only really experienced riders.

And how much does rental car? Of course, prices vary greatly depending on location, company, brand car, the lease terms. But some general guidelines you can still specify.