Car Rental Deals to Avignon, France

Car rental offers direct trains from London to Avignon

This article is one of the best car rental deals extended in Avignon, France, a direct connection from London, UK. It is now much easier to get on the train car's speed down the channel to Avignon. In the period from July to September, departing train London St Pancreas station and not stopping until they reached Avignon, at an average journey time of 6 hours. At any other time of year, you can simply change at Paris and travel to Avignon TGV French with normal maintenance.

Avignon Cathedral

Avignon TGV train station, where the car is "country" just on the outskirts of the city, less than two miles to the south. The best way to get into the city, presumably on the bus, which runs every 15 minutes, but you can walk taxi or rent a car at the station.

Why Avignon offers Car Rental Deal?

The medieval city of Avignon in the south central part of France and one of the most beautifully situated cities in Europe, with views of the river Rhone and surrounded by massive walls and cliffs. Geography is really amazing, and there is a lot of history to Avignon, a medieval city that was once home to the Roman Catholic pope. Yes, it was then that Pope Clement V (1305-1314) was a friend of the French king decided at a difficult moment for the Roman papacy and was crowned Holy Roman cardinals in France. Then continued to fly the papal court at Avignon. At that time, Avignon is actually outside the official border between France and the technical part of the papal territories, but the system was pretty close to the French influence on the government and the papacy in Avignon for nearly 70 years to build.

The famous bridge and the festival

Avignon Festival

With immediate rental deals available, it is summer and the first month of autumn the perfect time to visit Avignon, especially in July. Each year in July, the Avignon Theatre Festival hosts a large "Festival" and expanded the event Fringe Festival called "Festival Off". Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, Avignon Festival is still one of the oldest arts festivals in France and became one of the largest. There are traditional dance and drama, music and movies. Some of the events and performances to make good use of urban preservation, stages performances and events, and each summer to participate in about 100,000 people.

Sur Le Pont d'Avignon

"Sur Le Pont d'Avignon" is a very famous song for children in the UK, as a result of the French song about the old bridge at Avignon - Le Pont d'Avignon, a bridge, which dates from the 15th century. "Sur Le Pont d'Avignon L'on y Danse, l'on y dance ..." If the roots are lost in folklore, but this is the main way many people will be the first to hear about this city and create a special kind of curiosity about the bridge to see and visit Avignon instead of singing.

The future of Car Rental Deals to Avignon

In 2010, the monopoly of the London to Paris route will not work because of an open network of high-speed networks in Europe, so that competing companies can educate other corporate services alternative to the current rate of renting a car means to you. There is also speculation that Air France may be a train from London St Pancreas to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to run for re-routing, international flights, in an attempt to attract customers from London's Heathrow terminals disadvantaged.

Rent will become more popular as a trend away from short-range air transport and continued with a new target price of just adding a British passenger version. In Paris and Brussels will be without doubt the most popular short tours, but also to places such as Avignon, Orleans, Berlin, Amsterdam, Biarritz, and became known as the place where you can get quite easily by train from London to the price of cars.