Best time for travel in Paris

Climate biggest issue for consideration first. Paris, an average of 15 days with snow per year, especially rain and humidity in the colder months, with wind and occasional rain. The average temperature in Paris is 53 degrees, the best time in the capital of Europe. In the summer there are only a few days when the temperature exceeds 85 degrees.

The month of August for a slow game. The month-long vacation in August and many attractions are closed. In Paris, a skeleton staff this month. If you enjoy the many activities you can go for a month or a plan to travel around Europe at this time.

Want a first class hotel while in Paris? July and August are the best time to be sure to get the luxury you want. Many students in Paris in July and August to get a room in the budget, it is impossible to dismiss.

Remember that the annual Motor Show in late September and early October. Hotels reserved for this time, so if you tend to see the exhibition for ordering in advance.

I understand that everyone wants to go on vacation. Paris is the place to plan your holiday visit, as almost everything is closed. Almost no activity during the holidays.

Whenever I need a passport from another country. If you are not French, then get a passport, and do not forget to check the expiration date of them, such as passports expire coupons. U.S. Citizens living with less than 90 days require a visa. For stays longer than 90 days must be long-term visa, residence permit or apply for a temporary visa for your holiday. Proof of income or resources to pay, while in Paris, and is not a good reason to seek an extended stay is necessary. U.S. Department of State will inform and guide you throughout the process, when you get your passport.

In the introduction, in France, only some of the items and quantities to work with you. France also, if I had to stop to be careful with what and how much will contact you. You can also check these restrictions, the U.S. State Department muster.

If you are disabled and have special needs opportunities to meet Paris at the disadvantages in many places. Many of the most modern hotel facilities and equipment and rooms for the disabled elderly. There should be contacted in advance so they know what is needed or when you go through a travel agency in France, you can do for you.

Trains are also accessible for the disabled and needs special can be a journey to Paris. Older trains have space for wheelchairs and guide dogs, but later formed with disabilities in mind.

When going to Paris is a good idea to consult with the Office of the French Government Tourist in your area. They can help you, all your decisions. There are different packages to people to keep up with the budget expenditures.

If you choose to package your agreement usually include flights, accommodation, car rental airport transfers. It also helps you choose actions in mind.

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