Ideas for Your France Holiday - Torrential way

We have suggestions for the most popular tours leave France, you can put more!

Visit the French Country Note that if you drive through the countryside across France, you get a good opportunity. Add the following route you to some of the most fascinating landscapes in France.

Starting at Troyes originally the ancient capital of Champagne in France. Troyes is about 120 km south-east of Paris. The city has a feeling that the beautiful medieval architecture with a large number of galleries, museums and historic really great. Troyes is a wonderful city for shopping, so this time you can enjoy the beautiful wooden houses can bag yourself a bargain! In order to Troyes from Paris to A5.

At Troyes, the A5 and A31 to Dijon, capital of Burgundy. City of Dijon in the arts of civilization and flung theater known for producing mustard. City in the annual International Food Fair, which attracts thousands of visitors. Route along the A5 and A31, with green fields and vineyards, the grapes for sparkling wines that France creates a full notebook. You can travel to some villages wine.

After retiring from Dijon, is the next stop A6 and A46 to take in St-Etienne, in 2.30 hours by car. Lyon will travel to the road. Lyon is a good place to stop and look around, or you can go to Saint-Etienne, if you're in a hurry. Lyon city in the World Heritage status and is the third largest in France. Getting from here to enjoy breathtaking scenery. Saint-Etienne has a magnificent cathedral and many museums and art galleries.

Flock to the beaches of France and the warm summer, with more than 3500 miles of coastline, so blessed wherever you go, you will not be far from the beach.

Perhaps the most famous beach in France, Languedoc. Some of the most famous resorts in the region of Saint-Cyprien, Montpellier, La Grande Motte and OF coast known as La Côte Vermeille. For extra shine and radiance of France, Cote d'Azur is the place to go! Nice, St Tropez and Cannes is the place to check. A7 and A75 routes in southern France.

Path is not known, the journey to the coast of Brittany in western France. Vann is a good place to make your visit to the seaside resorts in Brittany to start. A beautiful resort with all the sights usually at sea, including a spectacular golf course. The next song you should take in this direction south of La Rochelle, Nantes and support in this process. Take the N165 road and runs at 115 km from Nantes, and break the journey along the path. La Rochelle is about 3 hours to all bathrooms, walk to the A83 and N165.

La Rochelle has a coastline that is ideal for camping, and very safe for families. There are miles and miles of safe sandy beaches. After some time with his family in La Rochelle, further investigation of the beauty of the coast of Brittany and the Atlantic Ocean, bays spread over Bordeaux, two hours drive along the A10. Nature is breathtaking.

Not only the capital of Aquitaine, Bordeaux has a few interesting resorts are very popular with family; especially Arachon is home safe beaches, water sports mecca for those interested. If you love seafood, you'll be interested to know that the bay is the first Oyster Arachon position on the European continent, giving you a wide selection of restaurants offering delicious local dishes to try it!

French wine routes to take some of the best wines in the world are made in France - so if you're into wine, what better way than to go through the fault of the way of the best wine regions in France. Based in Bordeaux, Dordogne and Perigord and Lot thereafter. Visit the heart of the French wine industry!

Bordeaux hosts some spectacular vineyards and wineries, and thus the local regions of Saint-Emilion (Take N89 from Bordeaux) and Medoc (along A62). In these areas, you can produce a package with wine tasting, where you learn how to make wine and more wine.

Dordogne is the next stop is the area east of Bordeaux and around the A89 and half hour drive. The trip is really beautiful and you will find numerous medieval castles in your journey. Here's a nice ride through the countryside of the Périgord Noir, known caves in the area since prehistoric times. Drive from the Dordogne region of Cahors impressive way A89 and A20 main routes. Absolutely stunning scenery here in the sun, and it will be breathless with stunning views. Short trip in Lascaux along the A89 to reach the magnificent Chateau de Castelnau to get wrapped up in a fortress of a myth.

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