2011 Audi RS4 car wallpapers gallery and reviews

2011 Audi RS4 car wallpapers gallery and reviews with prices and specification
t’s not a small world after all. Forces against a world economy remain, and the new Audi RS4 is proof. First, we have to wait for the 414-horsepower M3-slayer.
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Audi will import it to North America next spring or summer, at least half a year after it makes its European debut. Second, its second-coolest feature, the front seats, have no side airbags, so U.S. cars will have to be refitted with the standard items.
Audi RS4 ConceptAudi RS4 Concept

3 things you need to know about the Audi RS4 :

The 414-horsepower peak is at 7800 rpm and redline is 8250 rpm
Audi’s quattro system is split 40/60 front/rear in the RS4. It now comes with asymmetric/dynamic torque distribution and a Torsen center differential that can place 100 percent of the torque at one wheel