Rental Car Insurance Types

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When you rent a car for your holidays, you must decide about the extra rent and insurance to buy, before signing the contract of hire. The procedure is not necessarily long and complicated, but you must have well understood their needs and know the different types of insurance available.

It is good to introduce the topic of insurance speaking first of the franchise. For "Free" means the amount which, if left, it remains your responsibility and is not covered by insurance. In essence, in the event of an accident, you still have to pay the deductible, the amount of varies from one to another charterer. This figure may be occasionally expressed as a percentage.

The ceiling:
Another useful concept, the "ceiling" means the maximum amount that the insurance is willing to pay. If the damage exceeded the threshold, the policyholder must pay the difference of your own pockets.

There is a possibility for many renters to sign a bill for the removal of the exemption, this bill is called access damage refund and will be taken into consider later.

Basic Insurance:
Normally, the basic rental price includes three types of insurance: third party damage, vehicle damage, theft and fire. Let's look tranquilly.

Third Party Insurance - Coverage against third parties. This type of insurance covered against damage that might cause to third parties in the event of an accident. You should always check on the amount of the contract ceiling in some countries, especially in the U.S., the amount required by law of the ICC is very low in these cases, it may be worthwhile to purchase additional insurance, called "excess liability insurance " in fact, additional life insurance. Some rental companies offer in the package, others are sold separately.

Collision Damage Waiver - Commonly called "Kasko", this is insurance that covers damage to the vehicle in case of disaster. You should always check that the vehicle is not already damaged at the time of withdrawal. If this were the case, you will receive a document attesting to the damage present.

Theft Waiver - Coverage against theft. This type of insurance protects you in case your car stolen. In the event of theft, you pay only the amount of the deductible.

Optional Covers:
In addition to the basic health insurance can be purchased on site covers more.
Damage Excess Refund - This is the relief of killing, in whole or in part. The amount of DER is around € 5-7 per day, for some companies are included. In essence, minimizes or eliminates altogether, the excess amount to be refunded in the event of an accident, which means that, if you make an accident, you will not have to pay the full amount of the exemption or do not have to pay for anything. In any case, you should inquire in advance, because there are some exceptions. Usually, the DER has not subscribed to luxury cars.

Personal Insurance:
It covers the driver and passengers in the event of damage to the car. Make sure you do not already own other types of personal insurance, before signing a bill of this kind.

A Final Tip:
Control on the contract the amount of deductible and ceiling, and the presence of any damage to the vehicle check the interior. Keep all documents, including documents "check in", or the receipt given to you when you return the car.