The Law for Renting a Car

Car Rental FranceRent a car in our society today is no longer mainly restricted to a certain social class. Whether for relocation, for professional reasons or not, consumers are turning to rental car simple case of simple movements. Or if used regularly and extend the lease of a car is in terms of lease-purchase. Did you know? As part of a rental car, professionals are at your disposal, vehicles under 3.5 tonnes Total Permissible Laden Weight. When you choose to rent a car without a simple option, remember that you must as consumers, to be informed on prices and conditions of rental car. This system of car rental is subject to the provisions of Order No. 91-44 of April 18, 1991. Indeed, the price inclusive of all benefits must be the most common and visible in all cases, the rental car must pay rental fees as well as gasoline.

If this is a car rental short term means less than 6 months, then conditions of rental car for each class of vehicle must be notified to the customer. These include the price of ancillary services offered and those offered by the lesser, advances on rental charges which the tenant must provide direct outlays, the conditions applicable to the refund of rental car and that later that the period of tenancy under the conditions of age or seniority of the license , the amount of the deposit, the conditions for exemption from payment of the deposit, the conditions for the return of the rented car, the unit prices all elements of the service or, if necessary, any other condition for granting the benefit.

If, however, it is a rental car long term, the client must, before any commitment signed lease car, receiving individual information written on the conditions of use of insurance, maintenance, and the issue of its liability for damages and deductibles left office, the duration of the lease, all benefits and all taxes included the provision, the terms for exceeding the time or mileage planned revision of the terms, duration and date of validity of the offer.

However, if a long term car rental with purchase option similar to a lease or car loan, then according to the Consumer Code, the customer must receive preliminary offer 2 copies valid at least 15 days. After signing the lease car, the customer has 7 days to withdraw and end the lease, it cannot rent, but the vehicle owner by paying a sum of money called "residual value". In this case, the tenant must pay more in rent, insurance costs all risks of maintenance and repair work, the expenses of the logbook.