Helpful Tips for Rent a Car in Europe

Car Rental in France

If you do not have much experience renting cars overseas, give preference to large companies - Hertz, Avis, Europcar, carrental8france and the like.

First, the experience of these companies has forced them to provide standard contract with all the most difficult cases are predictable.

Secondly, dozens of offices around the world ready to help you - wherever you may be, will be nearby office of your company.

Third, you can book your car in different companies, but with similar conditions - and upon arrival choose the one that you like.

Or, for example, found that France Hertz provides clues only to owners of the rights of international standard, and go into more loyal Avis. Unclaimed money for cars with you, of course, no one will take.


Book a car better before - as well as airline tickets via the Internet. We must start at least a month. Firstly, it will essentially save your money: up to several hundred euro against the price that you will be prompted for arrival.

Secondly, you will have more choices: make, model, gearbox...

Third, if your chosen car in the rental for some reason suddenly turns out to be, you for the same amount will give the car a class above. And trying to take a car without first booking will have to be content with what is available.


As a rule, pay the rent on your card is charged at the prevailing rate in the contract immediately in exchange for the keys.

Upon returning of the car can be made an additional calculation. As the insurance amount on your card, usually blocked some of the money - it might be €500, and maybe €1500.

For such a case is better to issue a special credit card with interest free period as long as possible - no less than 52 days because such a service now provided almost all the banks.

Thus, you do not lose the live money in the secured car. And also do not pay interest if your trip suddenly delayed or the company does not release funds the 31st of the month, and 1 day of the next.


Pay attention to the conditions of return of the car. If you return the car with an empty tank, to take you to the rental company about €80. If you fill the car yourself, you will spend on it is about €30, that is, to save about €50.

Of course, it’s better to refuel close to the return trip, but the cost of fuel in the last kilometer with you, as no one will not calculate.

Parking scratches stains on the upholstery and other trifles provided insurance. But for cleaning the interior of the sand, for example, in countries with a beach you take a spendthrift €6-10.

Often return to the terminals are not in the airports, where there are points of the lease, and in 5-10 km away.

In order not to be nervous before the flight it is better to clarify the place of return and take the road away from the airport enough time as usually between ply special shuttles.

On their own wheels

But what if you decide to go on vacation in Europe on your own rather than hire a car?

There are advantages and disadvantages. From the undeniable advantages - the budget, you do not have to pay not only for the rental car, but for the flights, because to get to places you will also be on their own.

So, the process significantly reduces the cost. In addition to his car to go to many familiar and just relaxed.

Of the shortcomings - this journey will take longer, because instead of between two to three hours waiting for you stage and it is day or two. However, the savings are often overlaps the inconvenience.

That must be provided before you leave? First of all - foreign liability insurance so-called Green card - you can purchase any insurance company, and many travel companies.

Next, check your own policy - whether the insurance company will cover damages if an accident happened abroad? If not, be sure to purchase the right option!