Foreign Country Car Hire Tips

Car Hire France

In the current Situation of high competition so that happened in some cases more profitable leaves take a car to Rent during the trip than hiring a Taxi. Of course, if you bought travel agency in France Ready-made tour package with a guided tour, and then the hotel you moving are only once, for Example, the local market to buy souvenirs, then, of course, car rental will cost considerably more expensive than a single taxi. But what if you decide to explore, for example, all of Paris? Here, of course, a car service at a disadvantage in terms of financial benefits for the tourist. Even more interesting to dissect the mountain serpentine at sports car than to showing at the map, in broken English taxi driver who thirsts only for your blood, the way ... Yes, and no air conditioning!

What kind of cars you can hire a?
Most often, the French tourists rent cars of the middle class, such as Opel and Volkswagen. Also, a solid service for rental cars in Europe will not keep the car with considerable mileage: as a rule, these companies allowed mileage does not exceed 30 thousand km, and also have available a lot of "zero" cars.

Less expensive services can be used to offer even fairly old cars. Remember how in the film Brat-2 character Bodrov picked up the rental in the US well, very old car. The situation is similar with smaller services as the business requires good competitiveness. Of course, the car you are unlikely to be broken, but as a rule, the price of suffering legal component of the service: the price is unlikely to include basic insurance, to the same and the maximum range, calculated on the total rental period will be limited.

Most reliable service rental in Europe, said Mark Hertz and Eurocar, but they are also not the most expensive. The following are on the solidity of the firm Budget, Sixt, Avis, which constitute the middle ground in demand in Europe. However, it should also be noted that in different countries and these companies occupy different market share, which may cause significant variation in prices of car rental.

And services for car rental in practice get the minimum term of the order, usually amounting to 3 days. This means that if you need a car for 2-3 hours, then have to pay for it anyway at the rate of three days, unless, of course, fail to agree, which is again more characteristic of small offices. However, this rule causes benefit from long-term rentals - than for a longer time you take the car, the better costing you money.

That's just the price in the price list does Not include such Additional Costs:

- Road tax - 3.4 euro per day;
- Delivery of the car is up to you - 10-40 Euros;
- Accident insurance - 5-15 Euro / night depending on the host country;
- Additional equipment (roof rack, baby seat, etc.) - 20/03 - Euro / day;
- Empty tank when you return for sale - the price for fuel.

Who can rent a car?
There is nothing you can not limit other than the mandatory presence of a driver's license and the age of 21-25 years, again depending on the host country, as well as class rental car. You must also have a credit card with sufficient balance for blocking collateral one hundred and fifty - 2000 Euros. And if you decide to rent an expensive Mercedes or sports car, then you may need a second credit card. :)

What if what?
By rental car insurance should be taken seriously, because in the event of an incident will not only pay the cost of repairs, but also fines, which in many countries reach the fabulous sums. As a rule, a reputable firm in the cost of renting a car is already included and voluntary insurance against accidents. Also certainly need to compile a report calling the local traffic police.

How to go?
As a rule, on Europe's roads are either the same rules of the road, or nearly identical. Of the total should be allocated as follows:
  • The maximum speed at which you can move around Europe is 80-100km/h on the highway, 50 - in towns and 130km/h - on highways;
  • Pedestrians, unlike France, need to run always and unconditionally;
  • Parking in the wrong place is almost a crime and involves a huge fine and expensive fee-parking;
  • But with alcohol, on the contrary, there is softer: Unlike France on European roads cannot more than a beer or a third glass of wine - no more than 0.8 ppm.

What will advise?
For trips around town will be more suitable automatic transmission. Also, special attention should be paid to the presence of air conditioning in hot countries. Still need to take into account that the company car rental does not give you the assurance that will book a car - It can be replaced, as the hotel, but also give the car more high class reputable should service. Therefore, the sooner you book your car the better, especially the high summer season.

Where to give a rental?
The easiest way to rent a car is through a travel agency in France. However, not all travel agencies can provide such a service, and if they can, something about insurance or special conditions of the rental you are unlikely to be able to advice. Therefore, it would be better if you book your car yourself. Fortunately, this is you can do without leaving home through the Internet site of any reputable companies rolling. Of course, the benefit you are unlikely to obtain in this case - just convenience.

Another place where workers often car hire - it’s right at the airport of arrival. However, the situation is similar to the taxi drivers, whose price is significantly overstated due to the fact that tourists are simply nowhere to go when you need to get from the airport to your destination.