Car Rental - Country Wise Guidelines

Car Rental France
We all are seeking for a good vacation. We never ever compromise in anything when it comes to travel on vacation with family then why we compromise on Car Rental? Here I try to share some guidelines which are different in the different countries. Hope you get some ideas from these guidelines.

When it comes to travel within one country, all is not so scary. At Hertz car, taken in Italy, you can return at any other Italian city. It will cost only 45 Euros more expensive regardless of the period. Seat Ibiza, taken in Athens a week for 223 dollars, at the time of Thessaloniki will raise in price to 362 dollars. As in the same Budget will cost 68 Euros in excess of the cost. But when the car is returned in another country the prices are fantastic.

If you do not plan the entire vacation sunbathing on a beach, a car used exclusively as a personal Coach, is an interest cost of services picked up in one place - passed in the other. There are subtleties, too - I should say, rather unpleasant.

Moreover, they rely heavily on such seemingly insignificant details, such as the presence of the airport in return. If you drive from the capital to Frankfurt and there you leave the car, the price will increase by 116 Euro plus VAT and if you pass a car in Aachen, where the airport is no need to shell out as much as an additional 413 Euros plus the same 20-percent VAT.

Hertz, Carrental8france, Avis, Budget, Eurodollar, Eurocar have, of course, a lot of pluses. Here and guarantee reliability of the car and ordered the mandatory presence of the car it happens that if the right car did not prove, the client for the same money will provide cars a class above, switch to the rental value of all conceivable insurance. Here and civil liability, and insurance against accidents and theft.

In an accident the police in some countries have the right to subject the parties briefly detained and the company promises to pay a security deposit for the release of up to 3 thousand dollars.

But global distributors, not only to themselves but to their customers are extremely picky. It is not only a credit card. Say you'll never get a car from Hertz, if your car driving experience is less than a year. Young people in general are discriminated against - those who are under 25 years old, give only the cheapest cars. Some Matiz still will, but here's Golf - no longer exists. And the price at the world's distributors is very high compared to the smaller offices.

Such offices exist in all European countries - they often operate at the airport. The prices they are 30-40% lower than that of shark’s rental business. Their website is easy to find on the Internet - to get into Yahoo and type in the search bar the name of the country and key words such as ‘rent car’. References to the European countries will be great - there are plenty to choose from. For example, found a website on the French Fiat just few Euro and Renault Clio for a bitter more than fiat a week. In such firms can give car novice drivers and even without a credit card. The inhabitants of the France automotive conferences even say that, if able to agree, you can take the car without any license.

Smaller firms often impose maximum daily mileage cars. Finally, the service took in one place - passed in the other small offices, often has only one office, does not provide.

Prices are approximately as follows. "Economy Class" with unlimited mileage, with the inclusion of all insurances and taxes in the UK costs an average $ 40-50 a day in Germany - $ 30-50, in the Netherlands - $ 45-60, in Belgium - $ 30-50, Switzerland - $ 70-80, France - $ 40-50, in Italy - $ 40-50, Spain - $ 35-50. Cyprus in the tourist can find cars and $ 30 per day. Price per day gradually decreases with increasing period. So, Ford Mondeo in Spain for a week will cost $ 60 a day for two weeks - $ 52 a month - $ 48. As a rule, such amenities as air conditioning, child seats, and the like equipment money be taken further. If the soul asks for something more abruptly, please - Peugot Cabriolet. In Spain, it will give pleasure to anyone older than 30 years, is an entertainment 476 Euros per week. In Italy, the Times have found even a Ferrari 355 GTS! Price divine - 509 Euros for every hundred kilometers, more - at 1.38 Euros for every extra kilometer.

Ride, as they say on health.

And remember that everywhere in Europe there is a system of fines. Delay in the car for at least an hour cost of daily rental fee. In some countries like Cyprus, takes a penalty for every hour of delay in 20% of the cost of daily rental. And finally - be aware that each country has its own rules of the road, and everywhere in Europe - a very respectable by our standards fines. In Poland, necessarily need to include the lights on motorways in Switzerland cannot crawl at the pedestrian crossing ... Have a good rest!