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Car Rental France
The car is almost always more profitable to book in advance via the Internet. I always use the site - a firm that negotiates with virtually any car rental company in the world, and prices can differ by several times. For example, in the Europe through them, I took the car and that was so much cheaper than the fares of the others were offered. Needless to say, that through the Network, by itself, with payment by credit card.

About traffic rules said a lot - highly recommend reading the differences of the rules in a country where going for, from our own. Information abound. There are some very amusing differences. What about speeding tickets? Do not worry, after all when it's a fine machine, you probably already have passed the. To you it does not hang - I have repeatedly violated and multi-speed mode and nothing for me it was not. In the same hang electronic signs, which, if exceeded the speed appears - caught means.

If you order a car remotely, you can select only class cars. Forget about the particular brand and color, whereas if the car is taken over the place, and you can choose. Unless, of course, is from what, as in the resort towns during the peak season of free cars may not be.

Any additional services offered by the car hire company, are very expensive, so I highly recommend puzzle navigator in advance and bring it with you, do not forget to fill in his map of the area. Insurance - this is very important.

When renting a car, see terms and conditions, please read them carefully! There are different kinds of insurance - CDW, FDW. There are also differences, for example, EXCESS and no - depends on whether you want something to pay in case of an insured or not. Insurance can be purchased in advance and can be in obtaining the vehicle. Learn all possible conditions in advance. Remember also that the damage to the tires not insure ever.

Very carefully inspect the car upon receipt. Compare each dot with a defect-list. Otherwise, then you can begin to demand money for damage. Happen to me an incident, when I rolled almost new car - VW Polo, a small pebble on the road hit the windshield and left a very noticeable trail. I was very lucky that when I took the car back, was rain, and damage was not noticeable.

Traffic systems should not be afraid. If you're more or less experienced driver - adapt quickly. The main thing - do not be afraid and do not forget that the circle they have exactly the same way as we act "an obstacle to the right."

Machine at the airport is always more expensive than anywhere else.

Check in advance how much gasoline that does not become an unpleasant surprise for you. In Turkey, for example, it is several times more expensive than ours.

Also specify in advance the time of the gas stations! For example, in Cyprus is not charging round the clock. True, there are nights automatically, but you should be able to use them. I was lucky - the same time I rode a local guy who speaks in English - all revealed and explained.

The main thing - do not be afraid! If you drove a car in France, you can anywhere. More complicated situation on the road I saw, perhaps, only in China but our rental car there, ordered and Bangkok (Thailand), but then a car to take pointless at penny prices on taxis and drinks.