Save money with the Car Hire

Car Rental FranceRenting a car for the holidays is always a decision that raises some doubt and, as always, information is the key to savings. Car Rental France has recently published an informational section on its blog, aiming to resolve all doubts about the car rental.

An extensive part of it is devoted to tips for a safe and affordable car rental. The first of the golden rules to save: book early. Car Hire in France is not a last minute: the price depends on the availability of the fleet. It is certainly convenient to get to the airport and being forced to rent a minivan because the only car available.

Pay attention to the booking process. If you book online, some options which involve additional costs are selected by default, such as the option for the removal of the exception. Notwithstanding that, should spend a few Euros more to save in case of unpleasant events, no one forces you to purchase additional coverage: remove the check mark if deemed necessary.

Beware of extra they are not free! Many accessories are not included in the rental price, such as the car seat for children: the daily price for this extra varies widely from company to company. Bring your home, if necessary.

Mileage and gasoline! always choose the unlimited mileage option: it is difficult to keep track of mileage, not to mention that it is easy to miss the road and see the prices rise at the time of delivery.

As for gasoline, typically the car retired with a full tank to be returned to such. If possible, always choose this formula: it is very difficult to control the level of fuel in the tank. An example: some companies monitor the fuel level to the withdrawal and delivery of the car, and if the level is lower than the delivery, the lessee will apply the cost of petrol plus a penalty.

Attention to driver's age! Some companies charge extra for drivers younger than 25 years, but not limited to: Sometimes, even the over, may lay you open to additional charges, usually those over 65. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call the customer service of the charterer: in many cases it is a free service, open seven days a week.