Important Tips for Car Rental

Car Rental France
The most convenient way to travel around France - rent a car. Cars, jeeps and minibuses can be hired at hotels, companies Avis, Budget and Hertz or from local dealers. Be sure to check the availability of full coverage or in any accident will be responsible for the full program. France police in most cases the sides with the locals to prove their case is extremely difficult, and sometimes only possible with a good lawyer.

In the provision of car hire you may be required to pledge a passport or a sum of money. In addition, the law required international standard. Be careful when parking: road markings indicating where parking is prohibited. It is advisable not to leave the car in deserted places - in the recent increase in theft of spare parts.

Contrary to popular belief to the contrary, for driving a car in France need the right international standard. France police often drive a place to check eligibility and availability of seatbelt. Penalty would be expensive. If you're going to hire a small car for the entire holiday! It is advisable to do so because it cost less than hire for some hours.

Before renting car it carefully inspects and photograph. Locals love the breed of tourists for money, pointing out when you return to the old scrapes and scratches. In the body of the car, as a rule, there is little gasoline to get to the nearest gas station.

Moving on car on the place of France is quite cheap and easy, but listens to these tips. You should not be used without any rental car driving experience. Cases of accidents involving car is enough, and insurance for car is missing, so any damage you pay out of pocket, which is indicated as one of the items in the lease. Be careful with parking - look at the road markings. In the case of parking in the wrong place would have to pay a fine. At night, leave a car in the care of your hotel. Incidents of theft are rare, but they cannot be ruled out. Do not keep valuables and money in the trunk of car, especially when goes to the places to watch.