Upcoming New Honda Cars With New Cars rates

New Honda Cars With New Cars rates

A rear-driven Acura with a V8 engine was being designed by Honda to rival BMW. Plans of having this car by 2015 were also scrapped off. The V8 was seen as an unsuitable option because of the sky rocketing fuel prices.

Honda Scratches Plan to Produce S2000, CR-Z Convertible, and V8 Program

Upon reading the report in a British magazine, a lot of car enthusiast and car experts are thinking of good epitaphs for marvelous Honda would-have-been cars like the S2000 speed monster, beefed up Acuras, CR-Z hybrid, and V8 engines.

The Japanese car maker is re-thinking its strategy and line of cars to mold their approach to market amid dwindling car sales around the globe.

Honda experienced an 18% drop of car sales in 2008. The December year over year performance was significantly lower by 35%. The tough times led to Honda’s decision of calling off the production of the NSX supercar scheduled to be out by 2010. The NSX super car was destined to have a V10 power plant in its engine bay.

2 new Honda hybrid vehicles in 2009?

So, Honda is now selling both the Insight hybrid and Civic hybrid, and there have been many reports regarding another Honda hybrid, but it will be available in 2009?

Honda has already confirmed plans for a Honda Fit hybrid, but it doesn't appear that the Fit hybrid will hit US streets before 2010.

Likewise, Honda is also planning a hybrid version of the CR-Z, which Honda has been showing around at various auto shows.