Upcoming cars Acura NSX Cars With prices and Specification

Upcoming cars Acura NSX Cars With prices and Specification
The Acura NSX answers the question “What if a big company took engineering seriously?”
Most big companies have engineers, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean they are valued. Think about it: if a big company is losing money, the president will never say “I wish we had engineers like those guys at Toyota who figured out how to make cars that don’t break.” No, it is always “we need better advertising, better marketing, fancier financing, higher salaries for executives”, i.e., “we need more MBAs just like me.

Honda simply has better engineers than most other car companies, which is how they went from zero to moderately huge in just two decades. The Accord and Civic are the benchmarks in their respective categories. A few years after they entered Formula One racing, Honda dominated the sport. The NSX is basically the street car built by the Formula One folks.
acura nsx

The latest image from the testing of the new Acura NSX aka Honda NSX. It seems to be some sort of long wheelbase version of the S2000. But be assured that the underpinnings are all pure NSeX. More Automotive Porn to come as we gather info on the new upcoming Acura NSX.