Upcoming Cars 2011 Alfa Romeo Car Best Pictures and Prices

Upcoming Cars 2011 Alfa Romeo Car Best Pictures and Prices also if you wanna know more about With Car Insurance Calculation so contact with me
Consumer Guide’s Impressions of the 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

If all goes well, the headline-grabbing Fiat-Chrysler alliance will deliver a stylish premium small car to lead the U.S. return of a storied Italian brand. MiTo is Alfa Romeo’s answer to the BMW Mini Cooper--and will need to be as popular to give the new partnership a chance.

What We Know About the 2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo

Alfa Romeo is known for sports cars like Dustin Hoffman’s iconic ride in “The Graduate,” but it has long offered passenger models with the same Italian brio so beloved by enthusiasts. The latest is the MiTo, a small front-wheel-drive two-door hatchback unveiled in mid-2008 ahead of a European sales launch in early ‘09. The name (say “Mee-TOE”) refers to Milan, where the car was designed (and also home to Alfa-parent Fiat Group), and Torino (Turin), where the car is built.