On the Visit of The Most Beautiful Historical City of France, Avignon

Car Rental at Avignon France
The city Avignon is also known as Palace of the Popes. This is a great cultural center of southeastern France. The main architectural attraction of Notre Dame des Doms, the cathedral, is a Romanesque building, mainly built during the 12th century, Palais des Papes, St Pierre, St Didier and St Agricol, all three of which were built in the Gothic architectural style, city hall, Pont d'Avignon and Villeneuve-les-Avignon bridge, The Calvet Museum, statue of a Persian, Jean Althen are some major tourist attractions.

There are beautiful parks and gardens too. These places are worth visiting, as they have set roots in history and antiquity. To provide a comfortable road car hire Avignon offers excellent facilities for travelers to travel to visit them all destinations. The tapas and wine in clubs and pubs is exciting. The cars hire adequate services available in the airport terminal and many other important sites, allowing visitors to get the most out of your trip.

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