Car Rental at Paris - Useful Tips

Car Rental at Paris
In France, Renting a car differs slightly Spain. Prices per week, depending on the area Paris, Ranging from 160 to 233 euros. By day, the price is about 40 euros.

If you do not miss a walk charms Trocadéro and Tour Eiffel, The famous neighborhoods Montmartre and Beaubourg, from the luxurious place des Vosges or unavoidable Champs Elysees. The cultural wealth of the city Paris is revealed in museums and exhibitions: discover exceptional works in the Louvre Museum Orsay and the new museum Quai Branly.

Helpful Hints:

  • During the summer, car rental at Paris is very nice as the Parisians go on holiday; the city is empty, as well as roads.
  • A lot of responsibility with the use of the vehicle.
  • Take pictures at the rental car, before and after delivery.
  • You'll always be cheaper diesel fuel and the rental price is usually the same.
  • It should be well informed of prices, both by day and by mileage.
  • Find deals, which often focus on weekends or on specific days and we can save.
  • Ask what happens in case of failure, theft or fines.
  • If abroad, the vehicle will normally have third-party insurance. Check.