BMW X6 XDrive 30d with pictures and previews

BMW X6 XDrive 30d with Specification and pictures

The BMW X6 is a real treat of a vehicle to be owned as the other design and model variants fall slightly behind this innovative Sports Utility Coupe. BMW X6 xDrive30d are the least expensive X6, but buyers aren’t missing out. It’s still a quick, exciting and well equipped car, with the bonus of lower emissions and better economy. As a very special feature, this SUV offers an impressive mileage for a premium SUV in both City and Highway. The obvious difference from other SUVs is that this is a Sports Utility Coupe which is the first of its kind

Diesel engine used in BMW X6 xDrive30d use state-of-the-art common rail diesel technology for higher performance and singularly low consumption. This 6 cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 2993 cc can power up to 235hp and run at a top speed of 210 kmph.

2007 BMW X6 xDrive30d dimensions & weight
Wheelbase 2933 mm 115.5 in
Track front 1644 mm 64.7 in
rear 1706 mm 67.2 in
Length 4877 mm 192 in
Width 1983 mm 78.1 in
Height 1690 mm 66.5 in
Length:wheelbase ratio 1.66
Ground clearance
Kerb weight 2150 kg 4740 lb
Weight distribution
Fuel capacity 85 litres 18.7 UK Gal 22.5 US Gal
2007 BMW X6 xDrive30d aerodynamics
Drag coefficient 0.330
Frontal area 2.82 m2
Cx 0.93

Who’d have thought it scientifically possible to hurtle a car weighing over two tonnes, 4x4 capable and boasting an AWD tranny down the road at insane speeds. Well BMW have done it. Who else? Ok, Porsche has done it, and to a certain extent Mercedes, but BMW have developed something a little more special. The Cayenne and ML versions are rather amorphous when standing next to BMW’s sleek new X6 creations.

The new BMW X6 xDrive50i not only snots it down the road, but it has, as BMW states, a Coupe style designed 4x4 exterior. BMW actually refers to it as a “Sports Activity Vehicle”. The blend is a tastefully elegant and sporty in design. The swooping, low profile lines are very eye-catching, and the BMW X6 xDrive 5.0i is exceptionally intimidating on the road with its low centre of gravity, and fat tyres. The front end is aggressive and boasts sleek headlights and a large, totally identifiable, large BMW kidney grille. The premium alloys really set the car off and ensure that you are in a stylish league for the select few.