BMW X5 3.0d with prices and images

BMW X5 3.0d With Specification And Prices With Reviews And Pictures Images
We have finally got our hands on the new installment of the E70 BMW X5 “Sports Activity Vehicle” for a drive on our local roads! BMW Malaysia offers three variants of the new X5 for the local market – a 3 liter petrol, a 3 liter turbodiesel and a mouth-watering 4.8 V8 petrol version. We had a go in the model which we think would attract more attention especially when fuel consumption is on everyone’s mind today – the 3.0d oil burner.

2007 BMW X5 3.0d
BMW X5 3.0d Design
At first glance, you would straight away notice that the new X5 definitely looks so much better than the old one, which, to be honest; looked like it was designed 15 years ago. It looks really posh and aggressive at the same time which is very good news. The front is forward looking and at the back you will notice the typical BMW L-shaped rear lenses. Apart from that, it is 18.7 cm longer and 6.1 cm wider than its predecessor. The wheel base is also up by 11.3 cm. All in all, just like I mentioned earlier, it looks like a winner.