7 Tips for a Secure Car Hire

Car Hire France
When renting a car is not everything always goes as expected. We are sad to see people complaining in forums that have ripped off that he was not told that insurance was not included; the car had a stroke and is charged....

These things happen and will continue to happen, but it is at our fingertips the change and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Following these 7 simple tips can make your car hire with no more problems than inevitable.

  1. Check for the final price include VAT.
  2. Check for the final price is included the insurance you want, and if not, comment on it to the company.
  3. Choose a company that has no cancellation or change fees for reserves, will save you trouble if something is wrong and ultimately you cannot fulfill the contract.
  4. Check for you must also have the cost of gasoline, I mean, do the calculations price.
  5. Check for absolutely everything you stand, and all conditions and legal notices. It's a roll, but you will save trouble.
  6. Check absolutely every detail of the car before take it. Any bumps, scratches or damage, you should tell your provider, or will be your fault for not having checked before take it. In these cases, try to charge you for it.
  7. If you have any technical problems, call roadside assistance. Do not ever try to fix you, can cost you time, money and a claim for misuse of the product!

And remember, that although car rental companies are more or less pirates, it is your responsibility to implement these tips, or the company is washing his hands when it comes to sharing responsibilities. Do not let these silly avoidable embitter a holiday that should know seafood!