2012 TOYOTA 4RUNNER With Previews and pictures

Upcoming Cars in 2012 TOYOTA 4RUNNER With Prices Specification And Previews and Images
The 2012 Toyota 4Runner will be a visual repeat of the 2011 4Runner except for a possible new color choice or two. This is a square-rigged wagon with a bulldog nose and bulging fenders. The styling compliments 4Runner’s classic-SUV engineering, in which a wagon body attaches to a separate truck-type frame.
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Body-on-frame construction suits the rigors of off-roading and trailer towing. But it’s fallen out of fashion in favor of crossover SUVs that combine body and frame into a “unibody” structure similar to that used on cars. Unibody construction is space-efficient and its weight savings benefit fuel economy, ride, and handling. Toyota’s product portfolio is diverse enough to accommodate both the 4Runner and the softer-natured 2012 Toyota Highlander