2012 MAZDA 3 With Prices And Reviews

Upcoming Cars in 2012 MAZDA 3 With Prices, Specification And Reviews and Pictures

While it might be just a rumor, Just Put uploaded some renderings of a 2012 Mazda RX-9, coming with a 1.8L Wankel engine and a 6 speed transmission.
I actually have no idea yet if these are leaked renderings or just the work of a fan, but I like it’s look, it reminds me of a concept Mercedes I’ve once seen around the web.

2011 mazda 3 hatchback

A lot of people associate Mazda with small cars and I don't think that's terribly far from the mark. In fact some of the brand's best fall into that category albeit there are still other units from the automaker that don't exactly fit the designation. Still when you walk into your Chicago Mazda dealer you usually expect to choose from some of the least expensive but highly dependable compacts and midsize cars. Ultimately it's the truth and Mazda is continuing down its road on a quest to prove it. Just ask any Chicago Mazda lease owner and they'll tell you that they are loyal to the bran

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