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2012 Aston Martin Lagonda Preview – Luxury Car Report
The new Aston Martin Lagonda concept doesn’t have much of the former and so lacks the latter, at least one automotive magazine has implored Aston Martin not to build it. …

Aston Martin’s Lagonda S-class fighter coming in 2012 — Autoblog
Aston Martin has stepped in to clarify recent rumors of its Lagonda revival. We know that a Lagonda concept is due to be shown at
2012 aston martin lagonda2012 aston martin lagonda

Aston Martin to launch Lagonda brand in 2011
i thought lagonda was just a submodel of aston martin rather than a separate “brand” … Aston Martin Lagonda (model produced in the 80′s) = Ugliest car I have ever seen …

Aston Martin Lagonda coming in 2012? | Car Advice | Reviews
Aston Martin CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, apparently told reporters at a lecture in Rotterdam last week that the Lagonda would go in to production.