Upcoming Cars in 2011 Audi e-tron Concept

Upcoming Cars in 2011 Audi e-tron Concept with Specification And Prices With Reviews and images

Our Great and popular car news blog update new cars. Audi displays an uncompromising purist sport compact traction electric NAIAS Detroit 2010th The Audi e-Tron concept is 3.93 meters (154.72 inches) long and 1.78 meters (70.08 inches) wide, but only 1.22 meters (48.03 inches) high at two places, I just months after the start of the Audi-tron Concept at Upcoming Cars In 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, is now the second electric car concept of the brand with the four rings.

This is the surprise of Frankfurt. It's the e-tron Concept, that shows what Audi can do when it messes around with battery-powered electric motors. So Audi based the electric platform onto the body of an R8, but with some few changes; new headlights, new false grille, and the disappearance of any side and rear gills; plus, there are no exhaust-pipes, because it's 100% electric.