Upcoming Cars Dynamic Style Audi A1 2011 With Specification And Prices

Upcoming Cars Dynamic Style Audi A1 2011 With Specification And Prices With Reviews and pictures images

Audi introduced a new dimension to the compact class with all-new Audi A1. It is a dynamic, high-quality, emotional and personal. It condenses all the virtues of the mark less than four feet – full of character design, without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the technology’s pioneers. agile chassis and powerful engine makes the Audi A1 sports car in its class.

Audi presents the sport back in 2009 concept car shown at the North American International Auto Show. The systematic improvement of the brand-distinctive design elements, the five-model offers a glimpse of the future Audi design language.

With its pronounced coupe-like silhouette and large rear door, 4.95 m long (16.24 m), 1.93 m wide (6.33 m) and only 1.40 m (4.59 ft) vehicle is courageous gradually for the luxury class. The Audi technology of futuristic Sportback concept is clear.