2011 Upcoming Cars Prior Design Body Kit of BMW M3 With Specification

Upcoming Cars in 2011 Prior Design Body Kit of BMW M3 With Specification And Prices With Reviews and pictures images

Prior body kit for BMW M3 was presented by Prior Design with many exite. These are saome external components of bmw m3 body kit design. With the price of 2,999 € (excluding parts and manufacturer price ). The body kit of bmw m3 includes a spectacular bonnet vents, front and rear spoiler, roof spoiler, side skirts, and the parties see the fins. Prior Design offers as an option.
2011 BMW M3 E92 Widebody by Prior Design
2011 Prior Design BMW M3 E92
Once again, the designers at Prior Design have raised the bar: With the new BMW M3 lookalike body kit for the current three-series coupe model, the tuners from Kamp-Lintfort have produced an absolute masterpiece. Following the ‘tame’ version, which appeared in August of this year, comes the widebody version, which suits all E92 models with the exception of the real M3, and thus transforms every coupe into a genuine M3 clone.
Virtually an M3 GT2!

The widebody version is, of course, a completely new development. The body kit comprises a new front bumper with large air intakes, and a completely new bonnet with numerous air vents similar to those on the BMW M3 GT2 from long-course motor racing. A set of side skirts make the car appear lower, while the rear receives a completely new bumper and diffuser. The width of the body kit is most striking at the mudguards. The front mudguards were built completely new, while the mudguards at the rear axle were widened by a few centimetres on each side.

he body kit for the M3 include front and rear bumpers, side skirts and bigger flared wheel arches, a new rear as well as a roof spoiler. Not only is this, but the closer look on the hood will reveal that tuner has also added a new hood and wheels have been replaced with the bigger ones