2011 BMW 335is Coupe With Specification And Prices With Reviews

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Justify what could have been the worst kept secrets of the automotive industry this year, BMW announced the launch of the BMW 335is coupe and convertible, each designed to occupy a place in history between the lines of the desired, often collecting, BMW “s” model. Based on the newly revamped BMW 3-Series Coupe and Convertible, BMW 335is award winning features, online twin-turbo BMW-6 engine
2011 BMW 335is 2
As we’ve been blathering on for weeks about the wonders of BMW’s spanking-new 3.0-liter N55 engine (it traded one of its turbos for Valvetronic and came out ahead on responsiveness and fuel consumption while breaking even in horsepower and torque), the Roundel gang has been readying a sportier new 335is model powered by, what? The old twin-turbo? Tweaked to spool out an extra 20 horses and 32 pound-feet (make that, 70 extra pound-feet for short bursts of overboost!)? C’mon, guys.

Admit what the Net has been alleging all along: the old twin-turbo really made gobs more power and torque than you let on, right?BMW has just released some new pictures and pricing information for their new 2011 335si coupe and convertible models. According to their reports the coupe will start from $50,525 including destination while the convertible model will carry a price tag of $59,075. To see more please visit the company’